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Power Electronics

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Embedded systems

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We offer many different services related to custom electronics, embedded systems and software solutions.

Power Supplies

We offer custom power supplies for any device. We design for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Embedded Systems

We provide excellent solutions taking advantage of clever and efficient embedded systems.

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions for digitizing your processes allowing for more efficiency.

Battery Charging

We provide efficient custom solutions for battery charging devices.

Circuit Boards

We design our circuit boards with large production properties for cheap and efficient production.

Control Systems

We are experienced in implementing control systems running on Linux or micro-controllers.

Thermal designs

We know how to design electronics with difficult thermal components.

Motor Drivers

Custom efficient motor drivers for both AC and DC motors, brushed and brushless.

Test Devices

We are experienced in developing test devices for improving your products QA.


We provide consultancy for challenging electronics, EMC and scalable designs for industrial purposes.


We provide training for designs including Planar-technology, power supplies and lightning protection.


We provide full production for your electronic product up to 10.000 pieces per year.

Custom electronics

Let us know what you need and we will get right back to you!

About Us

Zelteq is specialized in developing customer tailored power supplies, battery charging devices and control systems based on power electronics. Besides electronics, we are also experts in creating embedded systems and building software solutions.

A large portion of our products are based on our patented Planar technology solutions, which provide high efficiency and high power density properties and align with our green thinking. All our power supplies are ROHS-compliant and energy conservative.

Next to green ideas, we also have an extensive track of developing electronics for industrial purposes. Our designs are more then just their performance, we also focus on flexibility and scalability and therefore allow for large production volumes.

Our operations at Zelteq are built on unique expertise and flexible cooperation with our customers. At the hand of our project management, we are able to produce quality products within a short development time frame without compromising on proper documentation and implementation.

Enhance your product or company with software

Tell us about your product or company and we will give you tips on how to automatize your systems!

Our Clients

Our clients range from small businesses to large sized corporations located within Finland, Nordic countries and Central Europe and they primarily operate within the industrial, telecom, automotive, medical and security sectors.


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